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We are a unit of blending energies full of creative young community from various cultures who are experts in their fields. With integrity and professionalism, we want to help society build a future that is constantly evolving and sustainable. And we continue to build and develop many talented youth communities with integrity.

We are a very strong team, rich in ideas, dynamic and working in a measured manner. Until now, we continue to positively provoke many young people who want to move forward and develop for a better future for themselves and for the world. We encourage creative people through the incubation community we created to encourage young people and aspiring entrepreneurs to continue to be creative in the creative workspace and help realize their big dreams for the world. And we recruit the best of them to be part of the project manager in our team. And until now we continue to work with many great works.



PT. Nusantara Metaverse Teknologi (NUMETEK) - Rudi Creative Hub Borderless Advertising Services specifically handles all branding needs and integrated marketing communications for market segmentation in Indonesia. We detail in strategy, communication, production, analytics. Trusted by those with big goals, trusted by the best. Even big companies and startups have trusted us with their business. Find out our work and see what sets us apart. We work efficiently, with the full strength of the entire team in a planned, scalable and reliable way.

With various long and great experiences that differ from each other by each of us who then combine into one team, it will further enrich the energy in executing every asymmetric market warfare.

These projects are just a few examples of the branding programs we have worked on. Because there are too many other projects that we don't feature on this page. If you want to know more and cooperate with us, please take a moment to discuss with us.



"I am a detailed and perfectionist person, it is very difficult to find someone who can fulfill my desires that always appear all the time. But with Rudi everything is easy, professional and cool!" (ARISTO)

"We are very satisfied with Rudi's work. All of his work is very good, neat and on time." (Bank Danamon Indonesia)

"Before meeting Rudi, we didn't know that we should look for a qualified and flexible partner to handle brand rollout issues related to our market development in various countries. Now we are proud of our innovative products that are needed by the global market and now continue to grow and develop after being handled by Rudi. (Jamu Indonesia Simona)

"We find it easy in every way to create promotional media when working with Rudi. Each discussion has an out of the box solution for the various needs of promotional media and the needs of our other supporters." (PT. Rodamas)"



We open investment opportunities and business cooperation in various fields affiliated with our network throughout Indonesia, please contact our business team PT. NUSANTARA METAVERSE TEKNOLOGI (NUMETIK) via WhatsApp 085757575748 or email: and for investment email:


MSME support

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is a business support program for MSME players in Indonesia which aims to stimulate job creation and trigger new innovations that can be used to strengthen the economy of small business actors. To support our program, please join by contacting our mentoring team via email:


CREATIVE Community

We develop a creative community of talented young people so that they are ready to win global competition in the industrial era 4.0. And we are educated to be a team of professionals in their respective fields with a curriculum that is relevant to global needs in our working space. For community information and more, please follow our social media.

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